Link Checker

An intuitive tool to monitor backlinks and their status, have a look on rel attributes like nofollow and even to verify the online permanence of the guestposts you asked for

link checker

Easy guestpost upload

Add your guestposts to check quickly thanks to an easy to use interface, you can do it one by one or in bulk through a intuitive .csv file template.

add link to check in rankingoal
link checker full list detailed

Quick overview on links

Give a glance to all the guestpost you decided to track, you can quickly identify which of them have been deleted, if any issues happened or they are still working.

Detailed single checks

Explore the details of each guestpost check, analyze every single issue and detected, thanks to our help, which actions you need to fix them.

link check appearance
bulk edit link checker

Edit everything in bulk

Don’t lose your time in repetitive actions or unuseful ceremonies, be free to edit everything in bulk with few clicks, automatize your workflow like a pro.

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